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Hey There

I am Arsalan Khattak

Having spoken at significant events like Google's Devfest and being recognized as Pakistan's First GitHub Field Expert, I’m here with a single goal: to guide you seamlessly through the world of coding. We'll work together to unlock your hidden potential, sharpen your skills, and set you on the path to securing your dream job in tech.

My mission is clear: guide you through coding's complexities. My approach extends beyond syntax, delving deep into coding's foundational principles. With experience garnered from renowned stages and companies, I'm not just teaching coding; I’m helping you evolve into a competent tech professional, ready to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

My story of becoming a Developer advocate has been featured by Major League Hacking.

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To the point content

Get simple, clear content with no extra stuff. I give you just what you need to know, saving you time and keeping you focused. It's all about efficient learning without unnecessary details.

Hands on learning

Learn by doing with exercises and real-life examples. This way, you understand better, can use what you learn, and feel more confident. Practical engagement enhances your learning experience, making it dynamic and interactive.

Suitable for everyone

Whether you're just starting or already know a bit, my content is for all learners. I make hard ideas easy for everyone to get. The lessons are designed to be inclusive, providing value for both novices and experienced tech enthusiasts alike.

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Vitejs complete course

The course covers various topics, including creating a static server, using templates, integrating Tailwind, using environment variables, deploying to GitHub, Netlify, and Vercel, and configuring Vite. It also discusses the features of Vite, including hot module replacement and static asset handling.

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Blog Articles

Sat Aug 15 2020

Chrome V8 Engine - Working

If you use Javascript, you might already know what is a V8 engine, if not, you will come across this word in the future. V8 is a javascript engine build by Google for Chrome and now Microsoft Edge als...

Sat May 08 2021

Core Web Vitals - Plan English

Optimization is one of the most important things to do in order to have the long-term success of any website. Google helps developers to optimize their websites as much as possible and for this purpos...

Wed Jan 06 2021

JavaScript coercions

This blog is about Javascript Coercion - converting one type to another. This blog post covers the hidden steps/algorithms that the Javascript engine takes to convert to another type....

Thu Jan 11 2024

Pieces for Developers

Lately, we have seen a boom in Artificial Intelligence, especially after ChatGPT, where more and more companies are putting their stakes and working to create useful tools....

Sat Oct 28 2023

The open-source Guide you need

Are you curious about the open-source world but don't know where to begin? This guide is here to help. It talks about what open-source is and how it can help you grow personally and professionally. Yo...

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Kevin Lewis

Developer Advocate

Working with Arsalan on developer content has been great - he just “gets it” and understands the right level of detail to create impactful educational experiences for learners.

Amanda D'Avria

Senior Drector @MLH Fellowship

Working with Arsalan on developer content has been great - he just “gets it” and understands the right level of detail to create impactful educational experiences for learners.

Rida Jamil

Frontend Developer

Arsalan is one gem of a person. I was truly impressed with his ways of explaining topics. As a mentor, one needs to have a firm grip on commands and technical skills and that's what Arsalan has in abundance. It was a great experience learning from him.

Suyash Thakur

Product Engineer

I often thought of Arsalan as someone I could always rely upon to get the correct guidance. He have always inspired and motivated others to bring the best out of themselves. Arsalan possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and interpersonal skills